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Hiragana: LIFE
Katakana: LIFE
English: LIFE

Vocals By: YUI

LIFE is an awesome song. It explains how YUI feels about moving so far away from her mom and feels that she conflicted her mother-daughter relationship. Being one of the people who actually enjoys doing so, the Japanese lyrics sound nice, and they match the song, and the beat it holds, though at certain parts it seems she’s slightly rushed. The Japanese Romanji lyrics are located here while the English lyrics can be found here. Singing this song in Romanji doesn’t seem that hard for me, though trying to mask the Japanese and singing in English is fairly hard.

The music video for LIFE is nice, showing clips of the city (I’m thinking it’s Tokyo), along with her playing her Acoustic Guitar. All of the clips have some meaning to the words of the song, and she presses out what she needs to. The music video can be found here:

The PV of LIFE is just so amazing. Also, I think the song talks about allowing YUI the time to adjust to how different Tokyo is than Fukouka. The images of the sun that appear at certain parts of the PV are there because in the English Lyrics, there should be something that does deal with it. Finally, I have decided to let you know of what I am going to be doing for the next entry. The clue to it will be the following image:
The hint for my next entry

Well, I have to go now so Sayonara!

Rating: 10/10 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Hiragana Lyrics: Y/N
Katakana Lyrics: Y/N
Notes: I will start the work on these after Tsumetai Yoru. I just hope that I don’t clog myself up with work.


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  1. LIFE by Yui is indeed one of her greatest songs!!! I would have given it a 10/10 too.

    Nice review, by the way (I’m bad at it). Keep this thing up!

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