Tsumetai Yoru

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Hiragana: つめたい よる
Katakana: ツメタイ ヨル
English: Cold Night

Vocals By: Ootori Kyoya | おとり きょや | オトリ キョヤ | Kyouya Ohtori
Seiyu: Matsukaze Masaya | まつかぜ まさや | マツカゼ マサヤ | Masaya Matsukaze

Calm and wonderfully played, Kyoya’s seiyu, Matsukaze-san, definitely speaks hows Kyoya feels for a certain someone. The Junior’s feelings are elaborated into an excellent reason why Kyoya never tries smiling or laughing, unless it deals with a deal (“threat!”) or something alike. The lyrics for this song are posted here. When, and if, you try singing Tsumetai Yoru, you’ll notice that you can easily get through each part without having problems trying to memorize certain words and such, like DokiDoki☆WakuWaku ♪.

I’ve found a small AMV that looks appropriate for this song. Some parts of the AMV seem slightly fast for the song, but I’m fairly sure that the creator of it, Byakuyafan1, put alot of effort into making it fit. The AMV is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRSw6-FX8E8

Such a wonderful song, even if Kyoya’s Seiyu is thirty (clearly had background facts… >D). Byukayafan1 made this AMV excellently, though he needs to fix the credits. Overall, this song is excellent, and I think anyone who likes this type of song would overlove it. ^^

Rating: 9/10 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Hiragana: Y/N
Katakana: Y/N
Notes: I will be working on the Hiragana and Katakana Lyrics as soon as I finish up on the DokiDoki☆WakuWaku♪ Hiragana and Katakana Lyrics. :3


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